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The Inner Court

Meet Daniel Hudson, LAc & Doctoral Fellow

Emperor of YAO Company & Chief Clinician at YAO Clinic

Daniel Hudson is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctoral Fellow in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as both a Graduate and Instructor at Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and has 21 years experience in the field. He is proficient in reading western blood chemistry and his in depth knowledge of western pharmaceuticals led him to talk at the Colorado Pharmacists Society. His practice not only incorporates an in depth practice of Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture, but also Ba Zi, Feng Shui and a massive dose of Chinese Cosmological Education. His 20 plus trips to China and his incredible and undying curiosity about Chinese history, culture and medicine are what ultimately brought Yin-care and the Yin-care line of products to the United States. He is also the creator of the world renowned formula for high altitude sickness, Altigen. He has lectured at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Samira, Yosan University, Five Branches University, and Emperor’s College. He is well known both within Denver and throughout the United States as one of the foremost practitioners of Chinese Medicine with an exceptional record of working with the most challenging of patient cases. As the face of YAO Clinic, a budding model for an American Chinese Medicine Hospital, Daniel’s reputation has assisted YAO Clinic in being THE place to go when nothing else is working. His very full practice has been built on his reputation for empowering the patient, his persistent and undying efforts to understand the underlying imbalances and his patients, and their exceptional ability to spread the word of their own personal health successes. Learn more about Daniel Hudson and YAO at www.yaoclinic.com.

Meet Margaret Jacobson, Master’s in Public Administration/Health Services Administration

Minister of the Interior of YAO Company and YAO Clinic

margaret02Wearing a multitude of hats ranging from Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Yin-care, Supreme Oral Care and Altigen to Customer Service Management & Director of Practitioner Education, Margaret was recruited to YAO for her previous background in working with hospitals and medical groups in integrating complementary and alternative medicine into the conventional western medical arena. Margaret works intimately in understanding the practitioner and patient experiences and ensuring maximum transmittal of the pure Chinese Medicine experience as YAO in all of the above activities.

Meet E. Page Cunningham

Minister of Transportation of YAO Company and Maternal Warmth Monitor YAO Clinic

Bringing her incredible experience from the heart of Silicon Valley in both the technology industry as well as tradeshows, we are thrilled to have E. Page Cunningham as part of our team.  Page handles all aspects of our import and distribution of the entire line of Yin-care and Altigen.  She also monitors with regularity the maternal warmth factor of YAO Clinic, making sure we provide a sufficiently inviting and homey place for patients to feel loved and held as they transition through the many challenges with their health and life overall.

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