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Entering the Palace Gates of YAO

YAO supports bringing balance to lifestyles, businesses and communities by infusing Chinese Cosmology through innovative products, product development, practitioner education, patient care and patient/consumer support and education.

YAO Company has been in business for over 20 years first as YAO Clinic and then as YAO Company providing the fabulous Yin-care line of products in addition to our fast acting high altitude sickness remedy Altigen. YAO Company is now entering a new phase in practitioner and patient/consumer education with the launch of our new Yin-care website. We are thrilled to expand support for these products through a deeper understanding of Chinese Cosmology and Chinese Medicine at both the professional and consumer levels.

YAO roughly translated means “medicine”. We are inspired to ponder at this point, “what is medicine” especially in this day and age? Looking to Chinese Medicine, medicine is what is applied to imbalance to re-establish harmony. At YAO Clinic our medicine is applied to human beings and sometimes animals, the balance the medicine creates in individuals contributes to an albeit small, yet expansive sense of balance universally. Medicine can be applied to an accidental cut, to an intentional cut in the case of surgery, to pain, or even to the likes of a broken heart. It can be given through commonly practiced Chinese Medical treatments such as acupuncture or herbs as well as through a thoughtful conscientious interaction between say, doctor and patient or patient and reception staff or even practitioner and customer service representatives – infusing forth-right direction on one end of the spectrum or humor on the other end of the spectrum. This we refer to as pure medicine or YAO.

Our underlying mission is to increase the understanding of Chinese Cosmology as it relates to Chinese Medicine within the western world. This is true whether we are applying direct medicine to an individual or working with practitioners as it relates to our traditional and innovative products.

We are committed to infusing both compassion and integrity in the expression of our mission through our work. In providing our customers, both practitioners and patients/consumers, with high quality products and services, we promise to serve with a deep sense of humility laced with modesty.

At YAO we sincerely welcome your participation in product and service development and we consider your constructive feedback to be a large part of the backbone of YAO. We invite you to join us in becoming a bigger part of YAO Company as a YAO Ambassador or Affiliate.

YAO Company. Pure…Simple….Medicine.

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